Bill Gates

“Bill Gates was a drop out”
Yeah but he dropped out of Harvard not 11th grade intensive reading


​10 Good Habits to Pick Up in the New Year

You don’t need to wait to ring in the new year to start making self-improvements, because it’s always a good time. Especially if making resolutions isn’t your thing, a better way to set yourself up for success is to commit to making and maintaining small changes. In 2018 — or better yet, now — pick up these 10 good habits.Related

31 Things to Stop Doing in 2018

1. Read regularly: It’s no coincidence that some of the most successful people in the world, like Oprah and Bill Gates, share a habit of reading as much as they can. If one book a week doesn’t sound doable to you, try even setting aside 20 minutes each day to get some pages in.

2. Take breaks (in all senses): Instead of powering through your workday from morning until night, force yourself to step away from your desk for a few minutes throughout the day. Getting some fresh air can help you return more clearheaded. Similarly, avoid burnout by allowing yourself to take a day off when you most need it or by turning down plans to give yourself some time to relax.

3. Be punctual: Being on time is one of the easiest ways to be courteous. It shows that you care and you won’t be responsible for holding up the rest of the group’s plans.

4. Relieve stress: Whether it’s through exercise or a creative outlet, everybody needs a healthy method of blowing off steam to keep their sanity in check. If you don’t already, commit to doing an activity you enjoy once a week at the very least.

5. Check in with friends: Many of us often let a month or three slip before reconnecting with a good friend. Shoot them a quick text debriefing key events that happened since the last time you spoke and have them do the same. That way, you won’t have to wait until your next coffee date to catch each other up on your lives. Also, instead of saying “we need to get together soon,” set a date right then and there to hold each other accountable.

6. Check in with yourself: Instead of reacting to things that are now out of your control, take a step back to

evaluate your current state. Ask yourself how you’re feeling, what you need more or less of, etc. This will help prevent your life from seeming like it’s spiraling out of control during more stressful times, and it’ll allow you to give yourself what you need, when you need it.

7. Do more of what you love: Making time for your passions and interests will only do you good. Not only will it bring you more joy, but it’ll also help you achieve a better work-life balance that will be more beneficial in the long run. Don’t feel bad about enjoying yourself.

8. Give yourself praise: Self-deprecation is something we’re all guilty of. It’s easy to criticize yourself, but it’s also a toxic way of thinking. Make it a habit to flip those negative thoughts into ones that highlight a positive quality you have. You should also take some time each day to think about a personal accomplishment you’re proud of.

9. Be thankful: The simple act of

gratitude can have tremendous benefits for both your relationships and your physical health. When you’re appreciative, it also puts things into perspective and helps you focus on the positives in your life.

10. Take care of yourself: Take preventative measures in terms of both your mental and physical health. Whether that includes drinking more water, getting routine checkups, sleeping enough, or all of the above, making wellness a priority will only help you out.

Helpless Love

Once upon a time all feelings and emotions went to a
coastal island for a vacation. According to their
nature, each was having a good time. Suddenly, a
warning of an impending storm was announced and
everyone was advised to evacuate the island.
The announcement caused sudden panic. All rushed
to their boats. Even damaged boats were quickly
repaired and commissioned for duty.
Yet, Love did not wish to flee quickly. There was so
much to do. But as the clouds darkened, Love realised
it was time to leave. Alas, there were no boats to spare.
Love looked around with hope.
Just then Prosperity passed by in a luxurious boat.
Love shouted, “Prosperity, could you please take me in
your boat?”
“No,” replied Prosperity, “my boat is full of precious
possessions, gold and silver. There is no place for you.”
A little later Vanity came by in a beautiful boat. Again
Love shouted, “Could you help me, Vanity? I am
stranded and need a lift. Please take me with you.”
Vanity responded haughtily, “No, I cannot take you
with me. My boat will get soiled with your muddy
Sorrow passed by after some time. Again, Love asked
for help. But it was to no avail. “No, I cannot take you
with me. I am so sad. I want to be by myself.”
When Happiness passed by a few minutes later, Love
again called for help. But Happiness was so happy that
it did not look around, hardly concerned about
Love was growing restless and dejected. Just then
somebody called out, “Come Love, I will take you with
me.” Love did not know who was being so
magnanimous, but jumped on to the boat, greatly
relieved that she would reach a safe place.
On getting off the boat, Love met Knowledge. Puzzled,
Love inquired, “Knowledge, do you know who so
generously gave me a lift just when no one else wished
to help?”
Knowledge smiled, “Oh, that was Time.”
“And why would Time stop to pick me and take me to
safety?” Love wondered.
Knowledge smiled with deep wisdom and replied,
“Because only Time knows your true greatness and
what you are capable of. Only Love can bring peace
and great happiness in this world.”
“The important message is that when we are
prosperous, we overlook love. When we feel
important, we forget love. Even in happiness and
sorrow we forget love. Only with time do we realize
the importance of love. Why wait that long? Why not
make love a part of your life today?”

Let’s have a look at the top 10 Rap Songs trending in July 2017:

Let’s have a look at the top 10 Rap Songs trending in July 2017:

10. Slippery by Migos

Slippery is great rap song released in 2017. It’s a hip-hop/rap no. sung by famous artists Migos. The songs featured on Gucci Mane while belongs to “Culture” album. Its music and lyrics are beautiful; additional, appreciated by people around the globe. Gained commercial success in domestic market; plus, got positive reviews on YouTube.

9. Magnolia by Playboi Carti

Mangolia is another beautiful rap track which is performed by famous artist Playboi Carti. It became a famous rap within few days while it has got appreciation by millions of people. Its lyrics are awesome while rocking music urges you to sing with it. Currently it is placed on number 9 in this month.

8. Rolex by Ayo & Teo

Rolex is another hit rap track presented by Ayo & Teo. It was officially released in 2017 while the lyrics of this beautiful song are written by Tariq Anwar-Bassett Sharrieff, Ayleo Bowles, Jeremy Miller and Jumaan Bowles. Its genre is rap and hip-hop while it gained popularity on many social media platforms; Right now the song placed on no.8 in this month; additional, a perfect rap number that is still loved by people around the world.

7. iSpy by KYLE

It is a fantastic rap track which is loaded with tremendous music and lyrics. It was officially released in 2017 and beautifully sung by KYLE. This rap number starring on Lil Yachty while it has gained commercial success in domestic market; also becamepopular rap number on YouTube and received more than 7 millions of positive reviews on internet. It is produced by Ayp; Lege kale under the lebel Indie-pop; Atlantic; Funny song that shows animation characters loved by many people around the globe.

6. Unforgettable by French Montana

This is another very great rap number released in 2017 and currently the wonderful rap track trending at no.6 in this month. This beautiful track number sung by famous artist French Montana while it contains rap and hip hop genre. This is one of the most searched rap song on YouTube; plus, became instantly famous among billion of fans. Music and lyrics of the song is simply outstanding. A perfect number to dance and filmed tremendously. It is featured on Swae Lee.

5. XO tour Llif3 by Lil Uzi Vert

This is another great rap track presented by successful and famous artist Lil Uzi Vert. it was officially released in 2017 and till today it has earned domestic success, positive reviews on internet and got appreciation by the people. The lyrics and music of the songs is pretty and rocking while its urges you to dance on. It is from the album “LUV IS RAGE 1.5” while it is produced by the Atlantic records and generation now. Its animated video made it different and unique from other rap numbers.

4. Congratulations by Post Malone

This rocking rap track presented by the famous and successful American artist Post Malone. It is featured on Quavo and released in 2016. Currently it is trending at no. 4 in this month. Additional, gained commercial success in domestic market got positive views, compliments and appreciation by millions of people around the world.

3. Mask Off by future

This rap and hip song was released in 2017 and sung by the artist future. It is from the album future and has earned the platinum status just after 2 months of its official release. This famous track number has crossed more than 1.5 million views and became popular on social media platform. The song still loved by many people all around the world. Currently it is trending at no. 3 in this month.

2. Humble by Kendrick Lamar

It position didn’t change and stable at no. 2nd in this month again. One of the most liked rap tracks by the people. It has got huge success in domestic market. The rap number from belongs from the album DAMN that is currently at the top position on Billboard 200. Performed by American Rap artist Kenrick while produced by Mile Will and directed by Dave Meyers.

1. I’m the one by DJ Khaled

Currently trending at no.1 place in this month so one can easily understand the popularity of this fantastic rap track. One of the solid rap tracks liked by billions of people around the world; its music and lyrics will urge you to dance, additional, feel something different while on the move. Its gives you energy while on the work, became a popular song on YouTube. It is starring on many great artists such asJustin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the rapper & Lil Wayne while performed by artists DJ Khaled.

Rapping and rap songs are known for their rocking and beautiful beats and they are quite different and unique from other types of music. Above article contains top ten rap tracks that became famous in this month. I hope that you enjoyed the rap songs. “Best of Luck”

How to Improve Your Life in 12 Steps

By Remez Sasson
How many times have you told yourself that you are going to improve your life, but ended doing nothing?
How many times have been dissatisfied with some aspects of your life and vowed to change them, but did not follow through with your decision?
What is holding you back, preventing you from improving your life?
It is lack of enthusiasm, motivation, desire, determination, willpower and discipline.
Do you, like many others, promise yourself to make changes in your life, especially at the beginning of a New Year? This also happens after a reading a book or an article about a someone, who transformed his life or achieved great success. However, the desire to make improvements does not last long, and the enthusiasm quickly wanes away.
Is it possible to make positive changes? Yes, it is certainly possible, but you have to make a plan, follow certain strategies and techniques, and make some inner changes in your viewpoint and in the manner of your thinking.
Learn How to Improve Your Life in 12 Steps
1. Decide what it is you want to improve. Be specific.
Sit down where you can be alone and undisturbed, and write down a list of goals.
Next, analyze what you wrote, to find out whether you really want to achieve the items on your list. You will most probably discover that you don’t really want to achieve some of them. Strike off the one you don’t really want.
2. Copy, on another piece of paper, the items left in your list, which you really want to achieve. Write them down in the order of their importance.
3. Think about a plan, how you can make them come true. Be as practical as possible, using your common sense, intuition, imagination and creativity.
4. Come up with something, a first step, even if it is quite minor, which you can do right now, such as buying a book with information about your goal, attending a lecture, listening to motivating CDs, looking for courses or workshops that can help you improve your life, or any other step that will take you closer to achieving your goal.
5. Read inspiring books and articles about people who have attained success in the area of your choice. This will enhance your enthusiasm and motivation.
6. Visualize the improvements you want to bring about. See them as already real and true. Make the mental pictures vivid and alive.
7. Keep your desire, enthusiasm and motivation alive, by thinking often how you would like your life to look like. Also, think often about the benefits and advantages you will gain by improving your life, circumstances, your financial condition, health, or anything else.
8. Repeat affirmations . They will constantly remind you of your goals, and program your subconscious mind to assist you in achieving them.
9. Don’t let anything deter you from improving your life. Don’t give in if there are obstacles, delays or difficulties. Be determined to do what you have decided to do, no matter how much time or effort it takes. This is the way successful people act.
10. Developing strong willpower and self-discipline will endow you with the power to overcome any obstacle and difficulty and make you persistent in your efforts. These two skills, can be developed through special techniques and exercises.
11. Have faith in yourself and in your ability to improve your life, you financial condition, your habits and your behavior.
12. Be willing and open to accept change. Don’t be passive, waiting for improvement to enter your life without doing anything. Take action, grab opportunities, and be willing to change your habits and lifestyle.
Remember, making resolutions is not enough; you need to do something about them. If you made resolutions in the past, but did not follow them through, it was because you were not serious enough and your desire was not strong enough.
You can improve your life on all levels, but you need to follow a plan, keep up your enthusiasm, desire and motivation, and not give in, when facing difficulties and obstacles. It might take some time and effort to improve your life, but this is worthwhile and rewarding goal.

Conquering the world

There once lived a powerful king whoundertook an expedition to conquer foreign lands. His wise counselor asked him, “Great king, to what purpose do you set out on this endeavor?” “To become master of Asia”, the king replied. “And then what?” asked the counselor. “I shall invade Arabia”, said the king. “And after that?” “I shall conquer Europe and Africa; and finally, when the whole world is under me, I shall rest and live at ease.” To this the wise counselor retorted, “But what keeps you from resting and living at ease here and now, if that is all you want? You could settle down this very day without the trouble and risks.”

The difference between living and not

he Difference Between LivingLife And NotAugust 19, 2008AuthorAdamSingerInInspirationimage credit: fort photo (via flickr)Not everyone has passion.Not everyone is moved emotionally by what they do.And, that’s extremely unfortunate.But fortunately, you arenot like everyone else.The winning organizations in every industry are filled with passionate, vocal, active people (also, we have more fun doing what we do).To us, it isn’t even really ‘work’ in the sense that it flows naturally and feels more like creative freedom.I think that truly passionate people are not understood by much of the world.I’ll give you one example:I don’t watch TV anymore.I tell people this, and it feels like many of them mentally file me in a category of being weird or socially deviant.Most people cannot fathom a world without television.This is unfortunate, and altogether sad.We are at such an incredible turning point in society, and the world is changing for the better due to people with passion.Think about this:FromClay Shirky:If you take Wikipedia as a kind of unit, all of Wikipedia, the whole project–every page, every edit, every talk page, every line of code, in every language that Wikipedia exists in–that represents something like the cumulation of 100 million hours of human thought. I worked this out with Martin Wattenberg at IBM; it’s a back-of-the-envelope calculation, but it’s the right order of magnitude,about 100 million hours of thought.And television watching? Two hundred billion hours, in theU.S.alone, every year. Put another way, now that we have a unit, that’s 2,000 Wikipedia projects a year spent watching television. Or put still another way, in theU.S., we spend 100 million hours every weekend, just watching the ads. This is a pretty big surplus. People asking, “Where do they find the time?” when they’re looking at things like Wikipedia don’t understand how tiny that entire project is, as a carve-out of this asset that’s finally being dragged into what Tim calls an architecture of participation.The world is shifting, and where before intellectuals used to be isolated and work on projects in a vacuum, now new social tools are allowing them to work together on deep projects that benefit everyone.Imagine, a group of complete strangers working together to create something incredible, inspiring and useful – all for free, and all due to pure internal motivation and desire to help the world.Are you a part of a global project like Wikipedia?Or, global conversations about what you do professionally or are interested in personally?If not, you should be – the tools exist to interact with fantastic minds in our world, learn from them, and get better results and get inspiration for whatever youare doing.Sorry if you’re a TV watcher, but if you watch even more than a tiny amount, it is a waste of life.I don’t mean to offend you, but really think about it:you are given a fleeting amount of time to physically exist on this planet and do something to change things for the better, and then you are gone.By watching TV for endless hours, you’re squandering life, the most previous gift there is.image credit: hamed saber via flickrBy watching TV you make the ultimate sacrifice – you could be reading, writing, making art, or actually interacting with your friends, family and other professionals in your industry.Would you rather look back at a life spent passively absorbing nonsense, or one spent changing the world for the better and creatingwhat inspires you.The choice is obvious.I feel like most of you here don’t waste your life passively, so this post isn’t really for you.You’re already motivated and inspired.Forward this to a friend who isn’t.Here’s what too many in society do:Get up in the morningWork, thinking inside the lines the entire dayCome homeWatch TVSleepIt is an altogether unremarkable existence.And, those people probably produce ultimately unremarkable results and lead average lives.If you wake up in the morning and aren’t inspired every day to throw yourself into your work and life with 100% passion, you’re not living it.I don’t understand how someone canlive even one day like this.Perhaps they’re in the wrong field, or have lost that creative spark.But regardless, there is no other way fortruly intelligent people to live other than taking an active, passionate role in life and pouring their soul into something that inspires them.The planet is billions of years old, and your lifespan is merely a cosmic blink.There’s not a day to waste.This was inspired bythis post at Unconventional Thinking.

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