Goddess braids have always been in the center of attention. They are considered to be protective hairstyles since they can last from one week to six months depending on the style. Every design of these incredible braids can be pulled off in several ways. With goddess braids you don’t have to worry about styling at all. Goddess braids stand out with their big sizes. Anyway check out these and choose the design you would love to have. I am sure your hairstylist will easily recreate it for you and explain how to care about your braids.Black and Red Cornrows

In this particular style the coppery red stands out beautifully against the black to convince that everything about this style is just perfect. The size graduates gorgeously to create steady lengths that drape down the back. Note that the edges are also tucked neatly to make it a great choice of goddess braids. Ladies, who have perfect face features, should definitely try this style at least once in their life.Black and Red CornrowsThick Goddess Braids

Here the first thing that grabs our attention is the golden shade of the braids. This sophisticated and unique hue provides with a chic and elegant look. Anyway the braids are styled in a pretty interesting way. They are directed in a side-swept style that makes them stand out. Note that the braids on the top of the head form magnificent headbands.Thick Goddess BraidsGoddess Braided Updo

If you don’t feel like wearing these braids in a simple style then turn them into a gorgeous bun. In this particular style we can see different sized cornrows weave into a French role in the back of the head. This updo is perfect for any occasion. It looks pretty elegant and classy so you can freely pair it with gowns as well. The braids are amazing on solid hair colors too.Extravagant Goddess Braids

The ways of pulling these braids are really versatile. All styles are really gorgeous and irresistible so whatever you choose you can be confident about a top-notch look. Anyway this particular goddess braid leads into a voluminous textured ponytail. It is a fantastic combination of textured and smooth, braided and loose hair.Extravagant Goddess BraidsBlue Goddess Braids

Goddess braids can be created on any hair length due to the hair extensions. With hair extensions you don’t have to worry whether your strands are thick or thin, long or short and etc. Extensions allow you to experiment with various vibrant shades. Here the brightly colored extensions enhance the style. What about hair accessories? Well, consider hair beads, they will add an interesting feature to an already stunning look.Blue Goddess Braids



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