Updo hairstyles for natural hair are great particularly when the temperature is super high. Most of us wait summer whole year round but we forget that we need to protect our hair from aggressive sun rays. So what should girls do in order to keep their locks healthy?


First of all it is not recommended to use heating tools to straighten your hair. Try out the most effortless updos for natural hair that doesn’t require any hair tools. Some twists and braids will definitely upgrade your updo. Now check out the list of updos that I have selected and pick the best option close to your nature.   

Curly Updo with Crown Braid

All ladies out there, here you can see an exceptional updo hairstyle with a crown braid. It brings out the beauty of natural texture. During hot seasons this updo is the best salvation. A single braid that wraps around the head creates an impressive look. I do really love this spiffy curly updo paired with a single braid.

curly updo with a braid

Knotted Updo Hairstyle for Natural hair

Some updos seem so complicated while they are pretty easy to style. The following look is really effortless; you just need to tie four separate sections into knots. If you are looking to make your updo more elegant, put together all the leftover hair from one knot into the next and your classic knotted updo is ready. Afro-American females’ natural curly hair allows them to recreate this impressive style.

Knotted Updo Hairstyle for Natural hair

Twisted Updo

Natural volume is a magic which can be a matter of jealousy among your friends, in spite of the fact that natural voluminous locks are really hard to put together. This twisted updo is for those who want to give a day off to their hair.  The most popular wearers of twisted updos are black women.

Twisted Updo

Rope Twist Halo Updo

Tired of the same braided updos? Try something new inspired from old classic updos. To replicate this hairstyle, rope twist around the crown of your head and gradually incorporate more strands into your twist. It is an angelic hairstyle which is worth to wear. The most important thing is that you can recreate it buy your own.

Rope Twist Halo Updo

Extravagant Twisted Updo

Don’t feel frustrated because of a complexity of this style. It looks difficult like many updos but this updo disserves to put some efforts. Well, that’s true that you need to have patience and free time to recreate it. At least you will get a hairstyle, which is cool to wear for a first date or any other occasion.

Extravagant Twisted Updo

Twisted Pompadour Style

It seems twists dominant! Pompadour hairstyles are popular among both genders and here you can see a pomp created with twists. This elegant pompadour will lead you to your favorite place. If you think that you cannot recreate it by your own, ask your hairstylist.

Twisted Pompadour Style


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