Eve dreamedof studing in china hereis your oportunity, 50% scholership award 2017 September intake

Bachelor’s Degree Programs Available in English Medium;
1. Civil Engineering
2. International Economics & Trade
3. Computer Science
4. Machine Designing & Manufacturing & Automation
Duration= 4 years

TUITION FEE when offered the half scholarship= 8800 RMB(~1300USD) per year for English Taught programs.

Chinese Language program is also available on Level 2 University scholarship (6000 RMB/ year). TUITION FEE after being awarded this scholarship = 7200 RMB(~1050USD)/ Year

Accommodation= 430 RMB/ month (Double room) and 860 RMB/ month (Single room)

1. Passport
2. High School Results
3. ZAFU Application form
4. Physical Examination form
5. Family Information Form
6. Police Clearance
7. Guardian’s income statement

Contact us on the details below we send you the Application form, Physical Examination form and the family information form.

Note: Applicants should be 18-23 years old.


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